Bath half - Bath Institute for Rheumatic Diseases

BIRD seeks roadrunners to champion rheumatic research

23 September 2019

BIRD helps people with rheumatic diseases through research, education and information.  Rheumatology is the study and treatment of arthritis, including a number of autoimmune diseases, pain disorders affecting bones, joints, soft tissue and tendons.  In the long term, our work helps almost everyone because only one person in fifty will escape some form of rheumatic complaint in their lives.

So, while you’re fit and healthy enough to enjoy running long distance, we are asking you to consider helping us.  BIRD has secured special charity entries to the Bath Half Marathon March 2020 for our champions who pledge to raise at least £200 in sponsorship towards our research budgets.  Prior to the event we will organise a briefing from a physio and a photoshoot.  We will give you a running vest and treat you to a post event thank you reception with massage.

To enter the BathHalf on behalf of BIRD use this special link you will see BIRD’s details flash up momentarily) or contact Kate on if you prefer.  We’d love to hear that you’re entering.

If you’re affiliated with certain rheumatic diseases, you might wish to run in their special colours:

Arthritis and Osteoarthritis – dark blue

Lupus, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain – purple

Osteoporosis – silver/grey

Sjogrens Syndrome, Autoimmune Diseases – light purple/mauve

Scleroderma – teal green

Psoriatic Arthritis – dark blue, orange and light purple

Ankylosing Spondylitis  – blue

Rheumatoid arthritis – blue & purple

Invisible Illness – white