axSpA Patient Information webinar - register here - Bath Institute for Rheumatic Diseases

axSpA Patient Information Webinar - register here

2 November 2023

To register for our forthcoming axSpA patient information webinars please use the following Eventbrite link to secure your place. The webinars will be on Zoom.

Webinar Series Overview:

We are offering a series of four distinct themed webinars, allowing individuals to attend based on their specific interests and needs. There is no obligation to attend all four; participants are welcome to choose the sessions that align with their preferences and requirements. (More details of the 4 topics at the end of the email).


Each webinar session is scheduled to run for approximately 1 hour, with some additional time required for administrative tasks such as logging on and off. However, please note that the fourth session is expected to be longer, lasting approximately 2 hours.

Preparation Guidelines Notes for the audience of the upcoming webinar sessions:

All are welcome to join the webinar with the person who is registered to attend the Zoom, including patients, their families or partners. These sessions are also an opportunity for family members to ask questions about living with someone who has axSpA (axial spondyloarthritis).

We encourage participants to refrain from sharing overly personal or medically detailed information during the sessions.

Feel free to send in any questions you may have before the webinar. Your input will help shape the content and discussions during the session. You can send these too:

We recommend that you familiarise yourself with some pre-webinar information. You can listen to the BIRD ‘axSpA Podcast Series’ and explore resources available through NASS. Please note: these sessions are not intended to provide comprehensive information; instead, they are designed for open discussions on specific themes with Dr Raj Sengupta. Some background knowledge will enhance your participation in the webinar.

Themes are:

14th Nov – Diagnosis

12th Dec – Treatment and Self Management

16th Jan – Prognosis and Future of axSpA Care

 13th Feb – Research Insights

Register here: