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Podcasts For Patients

Podcasts For Patients

Since 2020 BIRD have been producing patient podcasts for rheumatology conditions, covering an ever growing list of conditions. These podcasts are for patients who would like to better understand and manage their condition. The podcasts also aim to give you confidence when talking to your healthcare provider. Each condition series has 3 to 5 podcasts covering an overview, medications, research, physiotherapy tips and other topics. We talk to specialist consultants, nurses and physiotherapists from the Royal National Hospital for Rheumatic Diseases, Royal United Hospitals, Bath, UK. Our continued ’thanks’ to all our speakers.

Scroll down the list to see the current library of rheumatology podcasts. (We are adding to this all the time). If you have any feedback or suggestions regarding our podcasts please email: admin@birdbath.org.uk

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The Patient and Public Engagement Programme is supported by hands-off sponsorships from Eli Lilly and Company Limited, UCB and Amgen – all of whom have provided grant funding but who have had no involvement in the development, content or editorial control of this podcast, nor the subsequent review and approval of these materials or general running of the patient and public engagement programme.

We would also like to thank The Arnold Clark Community Fund, The Cumber Family Charitable Trust, Medlock Charitable Trust, The Ray Harris Charitable Trust.

Thank you to all our sponsors for helping us to bring you information that supports you and helps to increase your knowledge of rheumatic diseases.