BIRD's Summer Studentship 2022 - Bath Institute for Rheumatic Diseases

BIRD's Summer Studentship 2022

18 August 2022

BIRD, in collaboration with the University of Bath and local experts at the RNHRD, funded another successful summer student scholarship. BIRD funded £3,120 for the studentship which was hosted by the Department of Computer Science at the University of Bath.

This year, BIRD’s 2022 summer student, Louis Godtfredsen, worked with lead supervisor, Dr Christopher Clarke, and co-supervisors, Dr Dario Cazzola & Dr Raj Sengupta, on the project ‘Automating the BASMI Measurement Using Pose Tracking on a Smartphone’.

The aim of the summer placement is to provide educational and research opportunities and experience for an undergraduate student in the area of arthritis research, one of the key aims of BIRD. This year’s studentship provided hands-on experience of data-based research to give Louis a taster of what a career in research would offer.

Louis told us:

“The past two months have been played a pivotal role in my decision on whether I wish to pursue research as a career. I can gladly say that I believe that is where I am headed and in large part due to the BIRD Studentship, so much so that not only do I wish to pursue research but, interdisciplinary research in medicine and computer science…

… I can proudly say I would score the studentship a solid ten for the impact it has had on me and my future career decisions.”

BIRD are very thankful to Chris, Dario and Raj at the University of Bath for hosting Louis this summer, BIRD are also delighted to hear what a success this year’s studentship has been for Louis and his future career.

Louis’ full Q&A and scientific report can be found here.