Call for Grant Applications in Rheumatology Research - Bath Institute for Rheumatic Diseases

Call for Grant Applications in Rheumatology Research

1 April 2021

Call for Grant Applications in Rheumatology Research – Deadline 31st May 2021

Bath Institute for Rheumatic Diseases (BIRD) exists to support arthritis research, education and patient engagement.  We fund research projects in rheumatic diseases which:

  • Help to promote and advance medical knowledge
  • Improve treatments for patients
  • Encourage collaboration between clinicians and research scientists

We look to award pump priming funding of small to medium-sized grants that would be ideally suited to pilot studies, preliminary research, tests of clinical effectiveness or would enable other grants to be made for the above research.

Our guideline for grants applied for is up to £20,000 but we may consider greater amounts, please contact the Executive Director before submission.

To be eligible, you must be based at a research organisation in Bath, including healthcare facilities or higher education.  We accept co-applications from areas outside Bath if the lead partner is from Bath. We encourage match funding where the applicant has secured funding from another source.


If you are interested in applying please find our application form and grant awarding policy on

The deadline is 31st May 2021 for consideration in Summer 2021.


What is BIRD?

We were formed in 1975 by the Royal National Hospital for Rheumatic Diseases (known affectionately as ‘the Min’) and the University of Bath.  Although we became an independent charity in 1981, we are still committed to collaborating with both organisations, by bringing clinicians and scientists together.  Bath has always been at the forefront of bone and joint disease research, education and patient care, as part of its history as a city with thermal waters since at least Roman times, and with one of the first national specialist hospitals in the country founded in 1738.

For further information please contact