New Case Study: BIRD patient programme during the Covid 19 pandemic - Bath Institute for Rheumatic Diseases

New BIRD Case Study published: BIRD during the Covid 19 Pandemic

6 April 2023

During the Covid 19 Pandemic BIRD’s patient engagement programme was effectively cancelled as we used to hold in person ‘Patient Information’ events. The events aimed to educate and give patients knowledge and confidence to be able to manage their rheumatology condition. However, this obviously had to stop during the pandemic.

This Case Study ‘BIRD during the Covid 19 Pandemic’ is the latest in our series of different case studies which showcase different elements of the BIRD Patient Engagement Programme  (See our other case studies here)

In this case study we discuss how BIRD adapted and changed the patient programme during the Covid 19 pandemic in order to still reach patients through podcasts and webinars. As appointments and the time between seeing healthcare providers were severely affected, recording and developing our podcast library meant we could still support patients.

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Our sincere thanks to Alison and Karen

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