New 'Persistent Pain' podcasts published - Bath Institute for Rheumatic Diseases

New 'Persistent Pain' podcasts published

13 November 2023

In two podcasts Mel Brooke talks about pain with Dr Ben Davies, Advanced Physiotherapist Practitioner, RNHRD. Topics range from understanding the history of how pain is viewed, to discussing how to still be ‘you’ when coping with long term pain with rheumatology conditions.

At the RNHRD Research Showcase event in March this year Dr Ben Davies gave this talk and at BIRD we felt that a podcast would be useful so that many more people can have access his knowledge and tips. Our thanks to Ben for his time.

This podcast is aimed to be a broad ‘pain’ topic and not about any specific condition, so of interest to everyone. We hope the episodes will be of help.

Listen via your usual listening platform by searching for BIRD or on our Podcasts for Patients page.