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Research update Mi-PART Study for Psoriatic Arthritis

11 June 2021

Research News 1: MI-PART Study

We are keeping track of the Mi-PART for Psoriatic Arthritis study that some BIRD followers will have participated in and asked the research team for an update we could share. It’s no surprise to hear that Covid has hampered recruitment but we heard the team at Bath University have done a sterling job and were able to recruit the bulk of the Bath cohort. In addition there have been 2 x London PsA cohorts and there has been some collaboration with a group in France. Overall the team have collected a fairly impressive collection of data including samples and patient diaries. With this sort of study most of the data comes towards the end when all the samples are batched and the experimentation and analysis undertaken and the team are heading towards that stage.

In the meantime there have been few spin off studies that BIRD have supported with grants. We recently awarded a grant to Amel Badoume who had support funding for her thesis research ‘Characterisation of the immune cell populations in psoriatic arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis using single cell RNA sequencing’.